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Garage repair and service

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Garage repair and service

Garage Repair

Garage repair to your door play a vital role in the protection of our vehicles from the weather, theft, and other dangers. That is why it is important to service and repair them. And that is why we offer our services to you

We repair, service and install garages and gate motors


Materials of a garage door

Wood and wood composites

Are the most aesthetically pleasing and add a lot of beauty and character to your property and stand up well with the weather and to wear. Wood composites will achieve the same feeling as wood while weighing less. We can garage repair this type of door



Good quality steel doors are made from layers of galvanized steel. They are lower maintenance than wood but they do rust. To minimize the rust to your doors they should get Service.


Fiberglass is easily pliable. It is affordable but can turn yellow and break over time. Most likely in colder environments


The different systems of garages are for garage repair

. Chain Drive

. Belt Drive

. Screw drive

You can consider all these options and more. Chose the one that best soot’s you and property.


Chain Drive

A chain drive is a kind of garage opener and it is the most implied it uses a chain pull (or push) a trolley that moves the door up and down. Chain drives are affordable and reliable but the main drawback however is that they can make a bit of noise


Belt Drive

A belt drive is a type of garage door opener that using a belt instead of a chain to move the door up and down. In terms of noise belt drive openers are much less noisy compared to a chain drive opener. However they are a bit more expensive.


Screw drive

A Screw drive is a type of garage door opener that rotates a thread steel rod to move the trolley that opens and closes the door. In general there are fewer components in a screw driver opener then the other two alternatives. And the screw drive requires less maintenance over its life time the only down side is that the screw driver can be noisier than the belt drive.


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garage door repairs, garage repair, service garage doors, replace garage door springs, garage door collapse


Expert garage doors specialize in: – Garage door repair

                                                          – Gate motor repair

                                                          –  Garage door installation               

                                                          – Gate meter door installation

                                 * Garage door: Refurbishing

                                                           –   Chemical cleaning   

                                                           –  And re coating          

Every six months your garage should be Service as the worn springs and the door collapses

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Great quality product and service by a professional. Get your garage door and motorized gates repaired. No matter the brand or model. At great prices  


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